Just Judgment — Romans, Part 2

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In the beginning of his letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul says the message of Jesus is good news for all kinds of people. People who’ve done wrong would welcome forgiveness. But does everyone need forgiveness? What about people who do right? Pastor Luke teaches from Romans 2:1–11 in “Just Judgment,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Romans.”

Overview — Romans, Part 1

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Paul’s letter to the Romans is his most general purpose letter, and because of that, it is an introduction both to Paul and to the good news about Jesus. Not just for the people in Rome but for us too. Pastor Luke teaches from Romans 1:1–7,16–17 in “Overview,” the first message in a new series “Romans.”

Spreading Hope

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The Hebrew Scriptures include some troublesome passages where God authorizes or even commands acts of terrible violence. But any conversation about those passages shouldn’t ignore the passages where God prevents violence from taking place. Especially since God may use people for that good purpose. Pastor Luke looks at 2 Kings 7:1–16 in “Spreading Hope.”

The Last Mile

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It’s easy to see when something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed. But fixing it can be difficult, especially when we are the problem, or part of it. God promised to provide a king who would rule forever and repair all the things that had gone wrong with creation. But what happens if the people reject God’s solution? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 19:28–40 in “The Last Mile.”

Arrival — Creed II, Part 6

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From ancient times, followers of Jesus have affirmed that Jesus will someday return, and when he does, he will judge “the living and the dead.” But nobody wants to be judged. Is there a better way to understand what that means? Is there some way to look forward to the coming judgment? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 24:21–31 in “Arrival,” the concluding message in his series “Creed II.”

Ascended — Creed II, Part 5

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The ancient Christian document called the Apostles’ Creed affirms many mysteries, in which the full truth lies beyond human capacity to understand fully. But one of the least mysterious things the Creed states about Jesus may still be the least understood. What is the Ascension, and why is it so misunderstood? Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 1:4–11 in “Ascended,” part 5 of his 6-part series “Creed II.”

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