Muscle Memory — The Road Out, Part 4

Image: Manuel Nägeli / Unsplash

Exodus 12 describes an unimaginable catastrophe. How can we make sense of it? What does it tell us about God? What does it say about how God relates to us? Pastor Luke preaches from Exodus 12:1–32 in “Muscle Memory,” part 4 of his 6-part series “The Road Out.”

Universal — Easter, 2021

Image: Lumina Obscura / Pixabay

The account of Easter that Peter tells Cornelius in Acts 10 lacks many of the details we are familiar with from other tellings. Even so, this story may speak most clearly to a modern audience wondering how something that happened 2000 years ago could it means we can trust all his other promises. Pastor Luke looks at Acts 10:34–43 in “Universal.”

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