Ask Me Anything (December, 2021)

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In the latest installment of our occasional “Ask Me Anything” message series, Pastor Luke addressed four questions:

(1) What authority does St. Peter have with the Keys to the Kingdom? (Matthew 16:13-20)

(2) What happened to Esau? (Genesis 27:41;33:4,12,16-17; Deuteronomy 2:2-5)

(3) How does the Lord see divorce when one partner refused reconciliation? (Matthew 19:3-9)

(4) Are you familiar with some of the major changes in the newest edition of the NRSV?

Pastor Luke preaches from various scriptures in “Ask Me Anything.”

Until Evening — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 5

Image: Nordseher/Pixabay

The Old Testament Law included protections for workers and so do the laws of our society today. If you’re already obeying the modern labor laws, you can still learn from the ancient labor laws – in fact, even people who don’t employ anyone else can benefit from those laws. Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19:11–13 in “Until Evening,” the concluding message in his series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

Diversity — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 4

Image: Michael Fußman/Pixabay

For many Christians, if they know anything from the book of Leviticus, it’s probably the commandment to love one’s neighbor, which Jesus said was just like the commandment to love God. But the following verse in Leviticus is generally ignored, and you might be violating it right now. Should you be? What if it’s the key to understanding how to love your neighbor? Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19:18–19 in “Diversity,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

Don’t Go Changin’ — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 3

Image: Takmeomeo/Pixabay

Looking for wisdom in Leviticus is especially difficult when a regulation seems arbitrary, when it isn’t explained, or when it isn’t repeated somewhere else or illustrated by a story. The ban on tattoos, for example, features all three of these difficulties. Is something wrong with tattooing? What possible wisdom could be found in such a prohibition? Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19:28 in “Don’t Go Changin’,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

The Old Normal—Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 2

Image: Georg Wietschorke / Pixabay

What is a “Jubilee?” It’s one of those church words that crept out into the language … but just barely. Is it a good thing? We’re looking at the Book of Leviticus, hoping that we can find wisdom there will help us navigate our confusing times. Is the Jubilee an example of Iron-Age wisdom? Pastor Luke teaches from Leviticus 25:1–13 in “The Old Normal,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

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