Count the Cost — Stories for the Journey, Part 3

Image: Edar / Pixabay

Sometimes Christians are so eager to spread the good news about Jesus that they can find themselves using high-pressure sales techniques to do so. But Jesus didn’t. He cautioned people not to jump into discipleship without counting the cost. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 14:25–35 in “Count the Cost,” part 3 of his 10-part series “Stories for the Journey.”

Guest List — Stories for the Journey, Part 2

Image: Levi Jones / Unsplash

If you’ve been in situations where you weren’t sure you were welcome, you might have wondered the same thing about God’s kingdom. Are you really welcome in it? What happens if you decline the invitation? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 14:15–24 in “Guest List,” part 2 of his 10-part series “Stories for the Journey.”

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