Stairway to Heaven — Uncluttered, Part 2

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This week we’ll study one of the most difficult spiritual disciplines. But it doesn’t need to be. People rarely struggled to practice it in Bible times, or even 200 years ago. Pastor Luke preaches from Genesis 28:10–19 in “Stairway to Heaven,” part 2 of his 7-part series “Uncluttered.”

Note: this message references a talk by Matthew Walker at Google, which can be seen on YouTube.


Uncluttered, Part One

Free-photos | Pixabay

Being a disciple means trusting Jesus enough to put his teaching into practice. But when you’re stressed out and have too much going on, taking on a new project doesn’t seem wise—even if Jesus recommends it. But what if Jesus already knows that? Pastor Luke preaches from Mark 2:23–28 in “Uncluttered,” the first message in a new series “Uncluttered.”

Now Go — New Year’s, 2019

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People often begin a new year by making resolutions. We might finally kick a bad habit, say, or to tackle some project or take on a responsibility. How can people of faith make that kind of change in their lives? What guidance does our faith give us? What help is it? Pastor Luke looks at Exodus 3:7–12 in “Now Go.”

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