New Covenant – Roadmap, Part 4

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We’ve seen how Jesus makes his Kingdom available to his followers. But do we qualify? What are the rules to get in, and to stay in? What, in other words, is the basis for relationships with Jesus? Pastor Luke teaches from Hebrews 8: 6–13 NLT in “New Covenant,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Roadmap.”


EXTREME Preaching (September 30, 2018)

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In the most recent “EXTREME Preaching” occasion,
we covered three subjects:

  1. What does it mean in Joshua 5 for someone to be on the Lord’s side?
  2. What does it mean for God to be a “rock” and a “shield” in Psalm 18?
  3. What should we make of bracketed passages in New Testament writings
    like in John 8 and Mark 16?


Your Own Poets — Greetings from Greece, Part 3

the Acropolis of Athens viewed from NE featuring the Parthenon
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When the Apostle Paul found himself in Athens with time to kill, he did what anyone would do: he took in the sights. Some of what he saw disturbed him. What bothered him so much? How did he respond to it? Does it teach us anything about how we can live in a culture that can be troubling? Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 17:16–34 NLT in “Your Own Poets,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Greetings from Greece.”

Three Weeks and a Day — Greetings from Greece, Part 2

Thessaloniki Harbor at Sunset
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After a brief stay in Philippi, the Apostle Paul traveled to Thessalonica, where he faced new opposition – and this time, they weren’t satisfied when he left town. This conflict from about 50 AD has parallels in our super-polarized society today. What was the problem, and what can we learn from it? Pastor Luke looks at Acts 17:1–15 NLT in “Three Weeks and a Day,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Greetings from Greece.”

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