Sin City — Romans, Part 5

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Is the Grace of God a “Get Out of Jail Free” card? Is the gospel a blank check for sinning? The New Testament says that Christ died for everyone who has faith in him. Does that mean we can sin as much as we want to? Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 6:1–14 in “Sin City,” the concluding message in his series “Romans.”

Character Building — Romans, Part 4

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Because we have peace with God through Christ, we might expect our lives to be smooth sailing. And when they aren’t, we might wonder if we really do have peace with God. The Apostle Paul, however, said that problems help us develop our character, so we can endure and even boast about our problems. Pastor Luke teaches from Romans 5:1–11 in “Character Building,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Romans.”

Righteous — Romans, Part 3

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People can be distinguished according to race, politics, age, sex, and countless other factors. Sometimes these harden into divisions, and that seems to be taking place increasingly today. Is it possible for people to get along? Should we even try? Why? In the first century, the Apostle Paul said we can and we should. Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 3:21–30 in “Righteous,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Romans.”

Sickness — May 29, 2022

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What should we think about sickness? Thinking about sickness is necessary because we all get sick, and so do the people we care about. But thinking about sickness is hard to do well. An ancient document called the Book of Job can give us a different perspective that can help us as we think about sickness. Pastor Luke looks at Job 2:3–13 in “Sickness.”

Just Judgment — Romans, Part 2

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In the beginning of his letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul says the message of Jesus is good news for all kinds of people. People who’ve done wrong would welcome forgiveness. But does everyone need forgiveness? What about people who do right? Pastor Luke teaches from Romans 2:1–11 in “Just Judgment,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Romans.”

Spreading Hope

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The Hebrew Scriptures include some troublesome passages where God authorizes or even commands acts of terrible violence. But any conversation about those passages shouldn’t ignore the passages where God prevents violence from taking place. Especially since God may use people for that good purpose. Pastor Luke looks at 2 Kings 7:1–16 in “Spreading Hope.”

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