Starving — Creed II, Part 2

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“It’s easy for you to say that.” Isn’t it frustrating when people who don’t know us think they can tell us how to live anyway? But isn’t that what Jesus does? After all, what we learned previously is that Jesus is the Son of God. How can someone like even understand why we do what we do, much less help us to do better? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 4:1–13 in “Starving,” part 2 of his 6-part series “Creed II.”

His Only Son — Creed II, Part One

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On Transfiguration Sunday, we remember when God told the disciples to listen to Jesus. Today, Jesus’ followers listen to him through prayer, study of the New Testament and Hebrew Scriptures, and discussions with other Christians. Some Christians also refer to writings like the Apostles’ Creed. Why? Where role do confessional statements have in listening to Jesus? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 9:28–36 in “His Only Son,” the first message in a new series “Creed II.”

For Not About

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Why don’t we have riots in churches today? Where Jesus went, people sometimes got angry – even early in his ministry – and sometimes they rioted. People rioted wherever the Apostle Paul went. But we don’t have riots today, at least not in Alaska. Why not? What are we doing wrong? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 4:22–30 in “For Not About.”

Ask Me Anything (December, 2021)

Image: Greg Montani | Pixabay

In the latest installment of our occasional “Ask Me Anything” message series, Pastor Luke addressed four questions:

(1) What authority does St. Peter have with the Keys to the Kingdom? (Matthew 16:13-20)

(2) What happened to Esau? (Genesis 27:41;33:4,12,16-17; Deuteronomy 2:2-5)

(3) How does the Lord see divorce when one partner refused reconciliation? (Matthew 19:3-9)

(4) Are you familiar with some of the major changes in the newest edition of the NRSV?

Pastor Luke preaches from various scriptures in “Ask Me Anything.”

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