The Coming Light — The Coming Light, Part 2


“Can things get any worse?” is a dangerous question, because sometimes we find out exactly how they can. But Jesus invites his disciples to consider this question, so he can teach them what happens when things are as bad as they can possibly be. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 21:25–36 NLT in “The Coming Light,” part 2 of his 5-part series “The Coming Light.”


Alpha and Omega — The Coming Light, Part 1


The church year begins with Advent, the season when we prepare ourselves to welcome Christ when he returns. But it’s been 2000 years! How can we take the idea of his return seriously? And what should we do while we wait? Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 1:4–8 NLT in “Alpha and Omega,” the first message in a new series “The Coming Light.”

Wrath — Questions, Part 4

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How can anyone worship a tyrannical, bloodthirsty god like the one depicted in the pages of the Old Testament?  The Bible contains so much of beauty and wonder, but there are troubling passages as well. Some people say they cannot believe a good God would be responsible for such violence. How can believers answer this question? Pastor Luke looks at 1 Samuel 15: 7–15 NLT in “Wrath,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Questions.”

The printed message notes referred to in the message can be found online here.

Truth Claims – Questions, Part 2

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Why do Christians think they have a monopoly on truth? If you’re a Christian, that question might make you wonder, but plenty of non-Christians are asking it today. A related question asks, Aren’t all religions basically the same? How are these questions related, and how can followers of Jesus answer them in way that’s helpful? Pastor Luke looks at John 1:14–18 in “Truth Claims,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Questions.”

The printed message notes referred to in the message can be found online.

The Virtuous Heathen? — Questions, Part 1

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If you have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven, what happens to virtuous people in places and times who never heard about Jesus? We’re in a series looking at how our faith answers hard questions. In our survey, this question received the most requests from people hoping to hear an answer. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 13:22–30 in “The Virtuous Heathen,” the first message in a new series “Questions.”

The printed message notes referred to in the message can be found online.

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