Holy, Holy, Holy — Trinity Sunday

stained glass image of a seraph
Fr.Lawrence Lew | Flickr

The first Sunday after Pentecost is, traditionally, a celebration of the doctrine of the Trinity. This doctrine states that there is only one God, but God is three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Why do we care? What do the inner workings of God matter to us? Is it even any of our business? Pastor Luke looks at Isaiah 6:1–8 in “Holy, Holy, Holy.”


Itinerary — Now What?, Part 4

first of the itinerary
Magalie L’Abbé | Flickr

A clear vision of what you’re trying to do helps you set goals and strategies. It’s helpful to take time to recalibrate whenever you complete something, but vision is even more important when you’re having trouble moving forward. Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 16:4–15 in “Itinerary,” the concluding message in his series “Now What?Continue reading “Itinerary — Now What?, Part 4”

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