Passion Play — The End of the Beginning, Part 5

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It’s tempting to place the blame for Jesus’ crucifixion on Pilate, or the Jewish leadership. But the crowd was also complicit, and their error is one we’re especially likely to make today. Where did they go wrong, and how can we avoid making their mistake? Pastor Luke teaches from John 19:1–16 in “Passion Play,” part 5 of his 6-part series “The End of the Beginning.”


Hazards of Truth-Telling — The End of the Beginning, Part 3

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We live in a golden age of lying, from little white lies to an epidemic of fake news. Do facts even matter any more? And if they don’t, how should we live? The night Jesus was arrested, two interrogations took place. What do they teach us? Pastor Luke teaches from John 18:12–27 in “Hazards of Truth Telling,” part 3 of his 6-part series “The End of the Beginning.”

Extreme Preaching

We had time for two mini-sermons in our occasional series of “extreme preaching”. The first was on one of the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, and the other was on the statement in Genesis that the man and the woman were “naked and unafraid.” Pastor Luke looks at Genesis 2 and Matthew 6 in “Extreme Preaching.”

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