Father — Article One, Part 1

Father sleeping with a baby on his chest
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Creeds are confessional statements in which Christians try to discern what Holy Scripture teaches about various matters. Like other ancient creeds, the Apostles’ Creed describes God as our ‘Father.’ More recently, some have argued that fatherhood language is patriarchal and problematic. What difference does it make? What’s at stake in the way that Christians refer to God? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 7:7–11 in “Father,” the first message in a new series “Article One.”


Hiding in Plain Sight – Christ the King Sunday

woman setting a table
David Kovalenko | Unsplash

Jesus taught that he was the King and that when he returns in glory he will judge everyone. But that judgment won’t be based on how much trouble we stay out of, or how often we go to church, or pray. The criterion Jesus will consider is how we treat people on the margins of society. What did he mean, and what should we do about it? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 25:31–46 in “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

Torn Apart — Good Friday

Tissot's Crucifixion
Tissot: Crucifixion
Public Domain

For decades, faith-based movies like “Ben Hur” or “The Passion” have tried to help audiences understand what Christ did on the Cross. But the reality was far more costly than we can possibly understand. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 23:39–56 in “Torn Apart.”

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