Is the ‘T’ for Turducken, or for Tofurkey?

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Despite what many people think, Christians aren’t supposed to be ascetics who deny themselves all kinds of pleasures. Indeed, Christians are expected to feast more often than we fast. So what does the Bible teach us about how to have a good feast? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Chronicles 30:1–23 in “Is the ‘T’ for Turducken, or for Tofurkey?


Gratitude — Planted by Water: the Psalms, Part 5

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Thanksgiving is recognizing what God has done. Will God continue to bless people who don’t give thanks? If he will, why should we bother to do so? Is there a reason? Pastor Luke teaches from Psalm 40:1–10 in “Gratitude,” part 5 of his 6-part series “Planted by Water (The Psalms).”

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