Cleaning House — Come and See, Part 3

Expulsion of the merchants from the temple. 2012. Canvas, oil. 110 x 160. Artist A.N. Mironov
A.N. Mironov | CC BY Wikimedia

Jesus did something unimaginably shocking, John tells us, at the beginning of his ministry, when he drove the moneychangers from the Temple. What made him do it? And is this incident just a historical curiosity, or does it still say something about how people should approach God in worship today? Pastor Luke looks at John 2:13–25 in “Cleaning House,” part 3 of his 6-part series “Come and See.”


A Light to the Gentiles

Due to technical difficulties, no recording of the message for January 1, 2017 is available. We hope to present future messages.

The Message of Christ — First Sunday of Christmas, 2015


Susan WD
CC by-sa | Flickr

When the boy Jesus astounded the teachers in the Temple, it wasn’t to show us what it would be like if God came to earth. It showed what it’s like when humanity is restored to God’s intention. It showed us what it’s like when we receive eternal life. What is stopping us from enjoying that kind of life ourselves? Pastor Luke preaches from Colossians 3:12–17 in “The Message of Christ.”

Building a Temple — Promise Keeper, Part 3

St. Peter's Basilica (Adjusted)
Accretion Disc
CC by | Flickr

Want to know how can you have a great Christmas this year? Some people have a certain ornament or food or tradition that makes Christmas special. People have worried about the holidays since before there was a Christmas, but there’s an easy way to make sure Christmas will be special. Pastor Luke preaches from Ezra 1:1–4, 3:1–3, 10–13 in “Building a Temple,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Promise Keeper.” Continue reading “Building a Temple — Promise Keeper, Part 3”

Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7

Lost Luggage
Jordon Cooper “Lost Luggage”
BY-NC-SA | Flickr

Israel lost the Ark when they were conquered by Babylon. It has never been recovered, in twenty-six centuries. Why not? If it was so important for Israel to have the Ark in the first place, why has God allowed it to be lost? Why does God sometimes allow us to lose what is dear to us? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Kings 25:8–17 in “Lost and Found,” the concluding message in his series “The Saga of the Lost Ark.” Continue reading “Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7”

Hear from Heaven — Part 2 of “Prayers”

farming sunbeams
Cathy / haglundc
CC BY-NC: Flickr

Hear from Heaven — Part 2 of “Prayers”

How can followers of Jesus relate to people of different faiths, or no faith? Many Christians have friends or family members of different faiths, or no faith, and pray for them. Should they? And if so, what should they pray for? What can we learn from the Scriptures about praying for people who don’t believe in God? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Chronicles 6 in “Matchmaker,” part 2 of his 6-part series “Prayers.”


If God is all-knowing, God knows better than any of us what the rules ought to be. And if God is all-powerful, we should obey them. Except, sometimes, we shouldn’t. Sometimes, the Scriptures tell us about people who disobey the rules – people who, like Jesus, don’t perform the rituals in the prescribed way. People who hang out with the wrong kind of people. And yet God approves of them. How can that be? Is there a deeper rule behind all the others? What is it? And how can we put it into practice? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Chronicles 30 in “Feast.”

Fruitless – Part 2 of Gardens

One day, Jesus got upset with what was going on in the Temple and he began flipping over tables. What was it that made him angry? Earlier that same day, he cursed a fig tree. Was it the same thing that got him angry? Are these stories even related? They are, and there’s a tool that helps modern readers see how large chunks of the Bible combine to communicate a key teaching. So what is the teaching that combines money changers and fig trees, and how does it affect us today? Pastor Luke looks at Mark 11 in “Fruitless,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Gardens.”

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