Bigger Barns — Uncluttered, Part 6

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Which do you need more: new things, or new places to store them? We conclude our “Uncluttered” series with a lesson from Jesus about what to do when we start thinking we might need bigger barns. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 12:13–21 in “Bigger Barns,” part 6 of his 7-part series “Uncluttered.”

Right Now — Part 5 of “Uncluttered”


Do you have enough time to do everything you’d like to? Would you like to make better use of the time you have? Jesus taught how we can unclutter our time by focusing on the present. Pastor Luke teaches from Exodus 8:1–15 in “Right Now,” part 5 of his 6-part series “Uncluttered.”

Relinquish — Uncluttered, Part 3


This week, we’ll talk about something that’s never been easy, but it is increasingly rare in our society: forgiveness. Why is it a discipline, and how can we practice it? Pastor Luke looks at Ephesians 4:30–5:2 in “Relinquish,” part 3 of his 7-part series “Uncluttered.”

Note: The saying about “taking poison…and waiting for someone else to die” is attributed to Hans Wilhelm. The saying about “abandoning hope” may be originally by Don Felt.

Uncluttered, Part One

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Being a disciple means trusting Jesus enough to put his teaching into practice. But when you’re stressed out and have too much going on, taking on a new project doesn’t seem wise—even if Jesus recommends it. But what if Jesus already knows that? Pastor Luke preaches from Mark 2:23–28 in “Uncluttered,” the first message in a new series “Uncluttered.”

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