Whitewash – Part 3 of What Sorrow Awaits

Jesus hung out with all kinds of people, including some pretty questionable characters like tax collectors and thieves. He didn’t endorse what they did, but he seemed to like them, and to be liked by them. But religious hypocrites were a different story. Why? What’s so bad about being a hypocrite? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 23 in “Whitewash,” part 3 of his 4-part series “What Sorrow Awaits.”


Series: What Sorrow Awaits

We think of Jesus as a happy person, mostly, with kids in his lap and a sheep somewhere in the picture. That’s not a bad image and there’s lots of support for it in the Bible. But sometimes Jesus got angry, too. In his biography of Jesus, Matthew records a whole speech where Jesus listed seven different things that he wasn’t happy about. Can you imagine what they were? You might be surprised. (The series begins on March 9, 2014 and runs for 4 messages.)

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