Sickness — May 29, 2022

Image: Nat. Cancer Insl. | Unsplash

What should we think about sickness? Thinking about sickness is necessary because we all get sick, and so do the people we care about. But thinking about sickness is hard to do well. An ancient document called the Book of Job can give us a different perspective that can help us as we think about sickness. Pastor Luke looks at Job 2:3–13 in “Sickness.”

Dead and Buried — Creed II, Part 4

Image: Dorothée QUENNESSON / Pixabay

“Why did Jesus have to die?” Jesus’ death is one of the central mysteries of Christianity. We may never fully understand it, but the writers of the New Testament gave us several ways to think about it. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 23:44–54 in “Dead and Buried,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Creed II.”

New Covenant — Bigger, Part 5

Image: Michael Jarmoluk / Pixabay

Religions usually say that people have certain oblgations before their god or gods. And people who are religious know how hard it can be to fulfill those obligations. But what if, somehow, we could over-fulfill them? Or what if someone else could fulfill them on our behalf? Pastor Luke teaches from Hebrews 8:6–7 in “New Covenant,” the concluding message in his series “Bigger.”

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