The Old Normal—Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 2

Image: Georg Wietschorke / Pixabay

What is a “Jubilee?” It’s one of those church words that crept out into the language … but just barely. Is it a good thing? We’re looking at the Book of Leviticus, hoping that we can find wisdom there will help us navigate our confusing times. Is the Jubilee an example of Iron-Age wisdom? Pastor Luke teaches from Leviticus 25:1–13 in “The Old Normal,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

Have Mercy—Responses to the Messiah, Part 6

Image: paz arando / unsplash

Although Pharisees come across very poorly in the New Testament, Jesus agreed in many ways with their program. The place where they disagreed the most, however, is still a concern today. In fact, it’s moved outside its original religious context out into the broader society. What is it, and how does it matter? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 12:1–13 in “Have Mercy,” part 6 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Uncluttered, Part One

Free-photos | Pixabay

Being a disciple means trusting Jesus enough to put his teaching into practice. But when you’re stressed out and have too much going on, taking on a new project doesn’t seem wise—even if Jesus recommends it. But what if Jesus already knows that? Pastor Luke preaches from Mark 2:23–28 in “Uncluttered,” the first message in a new series “Uncluttered.”

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