Life After Life After Death – The Big Reveal, Part 7

Aaron Burden | Unsplash

What does Christianity offer its followers? Revelation warns its readers of many persecutions and hardships they will face. What do they get when that’s over? John concludes his book with a picture of their destination. It isn’t life after death, but something better: what N.T.Wright calls “life after life after death.” Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 21:1–6 in “Life After Life After Death – The Big Reveal, Part 7,” the concluding message in his series “The Big Reveal.”


Babylon and Christ — The Big Reveal, Part 6

Chantel Lucas | Unsplash

The Revelation of John moves toward its completion with the appearance of Babylon, the notorious prostitute. What does this disturbing image mean? Why does John contrast her with Christ, the rider of the white horse, who appears after Babylon’s fall? Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 17:1–6 in “Babylon and Christ – The Big Reveal, Part 6,” part 6 of his 7-part series “The Big Reveal.”

The Number of the Beast – The Big Reveal, Part 5

MichaelWuensch | Pixabay

The Number of the Beast, like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has seeped out of Christian circles into the popular culture. But unlike the Horsemen, who represent overt, violent coercion, the Number of the Beast is a more subtle threat faced by Christians here and around the world daily. What is it, and what can be done about it? Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 12:17—13:18 in “The Number of the Beast – The Big Reveal, Part 5,” part 5 of his 7-part series “The Big Reveal.”

The Four Horsemen – The Big Reveal, Part 4

Benjamin West - Death on a Pale Horse (1796)

John’s vision of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is one of the most compelling pictures in the entire Bible – and one of the most disturbing ones. Why is it so unsettling? What does it mean? And, if it means what we think it means, why would a good God release such horrors upon the world? Pastor Luke teaches from Revelation 6:1–8; 7:9–17 in “The Four Horsemen – The Big Reveal, Part 4,” part 4 of his 7-part series “The Big Reveal.”

The Big Reveal — Revelation, Part 1

Alice Looks Behind the Curtain
Sir John Tenniel | Public Domain

The Book of Revelation is filled with hard to interpret visions and symbols, partly because its audience was experiencing a time of intense persecution. What can it say to Christians today who don’t get the symbolism and who aren’t suffering like the original hearers? Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 1:9—2:7 in “The Big Reveal — Revelation, Part 1,” the first message in a new series “The Big Reveal.”

In an Age of Terror, Hope

Union Square with WTC Memorial in the Distance
Chris Ford | Flickr

We live in an age of Terror. 9/11 wasn’t an isolated event. There could be another horrific act like it tomorrow. If it does, people of faith will have two questions: first, does God care about our suffering? —and, second Is there someplace we can we find the strength to carry on? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 10:24–33 in “In an Age of Terror, Hope.”

(Note: the audio recording for this podcast is substandard. We are investigations solutions to the problem.) Continue reading “In an Age of Terror, Hope”

Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7

Lost Luggage
Jordon Cooper “Lost Luggage”
BY-NC-SA | Flickr

Israel lost the Ark when they were conquered by Babylon. It has never been recovered, in twenty-six centuries. Why not? If it was so important for Israel to have the Ark in the first place, why has God allowed it to be lost? Why does God sometimes allow us to lose what is dear to us? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Kings 25:8–17 in “Lost and Found,” the concluding message in his series “The Saga of the Lost Ark.” Continue reading “Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7”

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