Rest—Responses to the Messiah, Part 5

Image: ambermb / Pixabay

In the first century, everybody had to work hard. They wore themselves out, working from dawn to dusk because they didn’t have motors and machines. What’s our excuse today? And more importantly, what can we do about it? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 11:25–30 in “Rest,” part 5 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Heaven in the Real World—Bigger, Part 3

Image: Richard Woollett / Pixabay

Christians believe that when Jesus returns he will establish his Kingdom on earth in a glorious new age free from pain and every form of oppression. But we don’t have to wait for that, because Jesus taught that his kingdom is already present in this world. Pastor Luke preaches from Hebrews 3:1–19 in “Heaven in the Real World,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Bigger.”

Jesus Slept – Part 5 of Margins

We’ve seen how our lives are better when we have margin in the areas of time and finance, but really, margin is a great idea wherever we apply it. For example, when we have emotional margin, we aren’t anxious or angry or stressed-out. Margin is equally useful in areas of our physical existence like diet or exercise. But another area many of us could use margin is in the area of sleep. On average, Americans today have two and a half hours less sleep than our ancestors had 100 years ago, and we suffer because of it. What should we do? The Bible tells us what Jesus did. Pastor Luke teaches from Mark 4 in “Jesus Slept,” the concluding message in his series “Margins.”

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