The Missing Word – Article One, Part 3

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The early church described God as a loving heavenly Father and the creator of heaven and earth. Later Christians said they didn’t say enough, that “Creator” alone doesn’t accurately describe God. What did they leave out? And is it really all that important? Pastor Luke looks at in “The Missing Word,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Article One.”


What About John? — Who Is That Guy? Part 1

john the baptist (painting)
Mattia Preti
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Does God act? Most Christians believe he does. God answers prayers, and rewards or punishes their behavior. But sometimes, we can forget that God has his own agenda – that God acts not in response to what we do or ask, but to achieve his own purposes in the world. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 7:18–35 in “What About John?,” the first message in a new series “Who Is That Guy?

Planners – Part 5 of Joseph the Patriarch

Joseph proposed a plan to Pharaoh, who choose Joseph to carry it out. Sometimes it works out that way for our plans, too. But sometimes, our plans don’t work out, and we have to scramble to adapt when things go sideways. What does it mean when God overturns our carefully-laid plans (or permits them to be overturned by circumstances)? Joseph’s story suggests how we might interpret the times in our life when our plans have to change. Pastor Luke looks at Genesis 41 in “Planners,” part 5 of his 6-part series “Joseph the Patriarch.”

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