Borrowed Trouble — Being Perfect, Part 4

White-crowned Sparrow 20110617
Kenneth Cole Schneider
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When Jesus taught his disciples about being perfect, he told them not to worry about anything – even basic necessities like food and clothing. But our worries are just getting started there. How can we not worry, when there’s so much to worry about? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 6:25–34 in “Borrowed Trouble,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Being Perfect.” Continue reading “Borrowed Trouble — Being Perfect, Part 4”


Virtue Signaling — Being Perfect, Part 2

Very Large Array
Accretion Disc
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What would your spirituality look like if you were cast away on a desert island? This question helps us access the spirituality that Jesus taught was the most rewarding kind. Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 6:1–19 in “Virtue Signaling,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Being Perfect.” Continue reading “Virtue Signaling — Being Perfect, Part 2”

Extreme Preaching

We had time for two mini-sermons in our occasional series of “extreme preaching”. The first was on one of the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, and the other was on the statement in Genesis that the man and the woman were “naked and unafraid.” Pastor Luke looks at Genesis 2 and Matthew 6 in “Extreme Preaching.”

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