Extreme Preaching

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In the most recent “EXTREME Preaching” occasion, we covered three subjects:

  1. if Jesus was angry when he drove the moneychangers from the temple, when can we be angry in the face of wrongdoing today?
  2. is sharing “Fake News” a type of false witness, and if so, how should Christians engage social media? and
  3. what does the image of the ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ inaugurated by Jesus teach about Christians and animal welfare?

Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 21:12–14, Deuteronomy 5:20; and Isaiah 11:6–9 in “EXTREME Preaching.”



Who Goes First?

Jesus was often confronted by people who challenged his teaching. Matthew recorded one of those confrontations in his biography of Jesus, and in it Jesus gives us a clear answer to the question, “What does God want from us?” So often, we are told that salvation is a free gift, and we can’t do anything to earn God’s favor. How does that square with what Jesus said in this parable Matthew records about two sons? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 21 in “Who Goes First?

31/01/2013 USA Knockouts 1-4 Astana Arlans Kazakhstan

Vineyards – Part 3 of Gardens

Why was Jesus crucified? One of the main reasons has to be his encounter with the religious authorities at the Temple after he drove out the money changers. What were the religious authorities doing wrong, and why were they insulted by what Jesus said? More importantly, what attitude of theirs must we guard against in the church today? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 21 in “Vineyards,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Gardens.” For extra depth, read about Naboth’s Vineyard (1 Kings 21:1-10) and the Prophet Isaiah’s Parable of the Vineyard (Isaiah 5:1-7).

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