Final Arrangements — Maundy Thursday

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With his last agonizing breaths, Jesus made arrangements for his mother, and from that moment, one of his disciples cared for her. How could he remember something like that in the middle of his agony? What does it teach us, who will die, but may never be crucified? Pastor Luke preaches from John 19:23–30 in “Final Arrangements.”


The End of the Beginning — Part 1

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When it’s the last straw, what do you do? When circumstances seem to conspire against you, what does that say about God? If our only hope is a miracle, is it realistic to expect one? John tells us about a time when Jesus raised a dead man back to life. What does that story have to teach us? Pastor Luke looks at John 11:1–44 in “The End of the Beginning – Part 1,” the first message in a new series.

Commission – The Hope of Christmas, Part 2

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When Gabriel told Mary that she would become pregnant with Jesus, God turned Mary’s whole life upside down. Her plans went flying … but we know how her story turned out. How about when it happens to us? What does it mean when we get new assignments from God? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 1:26–38 in “Commission – The Hope of Christmas, Part 2,” part 2 of his 4-part series “The Hope of Christmas.”

Much Perplexed—Part 4 of “Who is Christmas For?”

The Annunciation
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We’ve seen that Christmas is for people in all kinds of situations. But sometimes the immediate crisis keeps us from appreciating the promise of Christmas. What can we hold onto when our life has been turned upside down? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 1:26–38 in “Much Perplexed,” the concluding message in his series “Who is Christmas For?

(Some questions for consideration are available here.)

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