Throughout the Land — Good News, Part 2

The Liberty Bell
Jared Kofsky
Wikimedia Commons

Jesus’ first sermon, as Luke records it, was a flop. No, worse than a flop, it was a disaster that infuriated the people who heard it so much they nearly killed Jesus. But to our ears, it sounds pretty innocuous. What about his message made people so angry?” Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 4:14–30 in “Throughout the Land,” from his series “Good News.”


Nobody Likes a Prophet – Part 4 of What Sorrow Awaits

Peter Waldo

Have you ever wondered why people in the Bible – or even more recently – did the things they did? Why did God need to send prophets to warn people to stop child sacrifice or idolatry? Or, more recently, to end segregation? Was it because people in the past were just uniquely sinful – or something else? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 23 in “Nobody Likes a Prophet,” the concluding message in his series “What Sorrow Awaits.”

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