The End of the Beginning — Part 1

child at the foot of stairs going up
Mikito Tateisi | Unsplash

When it’s the last straw, what do you do? When circumstances seem to conspire against you, what does that say about God? If our only hope is a miracle, is it realistic to expect one? John tells us about a time when Jesus raised a dead man back to life. What does that story have to teach us? Pastor Luke looks at John 11:1–44 in “The End of the Beginning – Part 1,” the first message in a new series.


Time – Part 2 of Margins

Jesus had margin in his life, and he teaches us how we can have it too. Time is one of the areas where we lack margin. Too often, we find ourselves rushing from one activity to another, never catching up with all the demands on their time. Jesus teaches an important principle, however, that shows how we can have margin in the area of time. What is it? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 10 in “Time,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Margins.”

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