Jesus Slept – Part 5 of Margins

We’ve seen how our lives are better when we have margin in the areas of time and finance, but really, margin is a great idea wherever we apply it. For example, when we have emotional margin, we aren’t anxious or angry or stressed-out. Margin is equally useful in areas of our physical existence like diet or exercise. But another area many of us could use margin is in the area of sleep. On average, Americans today have two and a half hours less sleep than our ancestors had 100 years ago, and we suffer because of it. What should we do? The Bible tells us what Jesus did. Pastor Luke teaches from Mark 4 in “Jesus Slept,” the concluding message in his series “Margins.”


Edges – Part 4 of Margins

In our discussions about margin, we’ve seen how having margin in the different areas of our lives gives us peace. But margin is also the place in our lives where we can help others. When we lack margin, our capacity to volunteer or give is constrained. The Old Testament Law shows some ways that people in Bible Times used margin to help others, and studying that Law gives us insights about how we can use our margin the same way. Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19 in “Edges,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Margins.”

Money – Part 3 of Margins

One area where many people lack margin is in money. While our money goes further than ever before, somehow, we seem to run of out it before we run out of the things we need it for. Jesus taught a key principle about money, however, that he said religious people should learn from nonreligious people. If we did, we could be masters of money instead of money being our master. What is that principle, and how can we apply it in our lives? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 16 in “Money,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Margins.”

Time – Part 2 of Margins

Jesus had margin in his life, and he teaches us how we can have it too. Time is one of the areas where we lack margin. Too often, we find ourselves rushing from one activity to another, never catching up with all the demands on their time. Jesus teaches an important principle, however, that shows how we can have margin in the area of time. What is it? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 10 in “Time,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Margins.”

Multiply – Part 1 of Margins

Having margin in our life makes us more like Jesus. Jesus had enough margin that he was able to be effective in his ministry even when the unexpected occurred. But Jesus also showed how God works in the margins: even when our margins aren’t very broad, when we feel stressed and stretched, if we offer God what we do have in faith, God multiplies the little we have. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 9 in “Multiply,” the first message in a new series “Margins.”


Margin means adjusting your life to create space for the things God wants to do in your life. Most of us get by with hardly any margin. We have just enough time to do the things we need, and it stresses us out. Or we have just enough money for the things we need—or maybe not enough—and any financial setback can start a downward cycle into debt. But God teaches us how we can have room in our lives: margin. And when we do, we have peace. (This series begins on January 6, 2013 and runs for 5 messages.)

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