Meet the New Boss — Palm Sunday

Palm Fronds
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On Palm Sunday, the church remembers the occasion when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Why? All four biographies of Jesus in the New Testament describe the event, but none of them explain its significance. What did it mean to the crowds who threw palm branches in his path? What does it mean for us today?

Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 19:28–44 in “Meet the New Boss.”


Bringer of Peace — Palm Sunday

Accretion Disc
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The week that began with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and ended with the Cross and Resurrection was the focal point of all of God’s work in salvation. The threads that run through history are woven through Holy Week, extending not only backwards but also forward to our own time. Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 19:28–40 in “Bringer of Peace.” Continue reading “Bringer of Peace — Palm Sunday”

Palms – Part 1 of Holy Week

Have you ever been disappointed with God? If so, Palm Sunday is a holiday just for you. It reminds us of the time everyone was sure of what God was doing, and everyone was wrong. What can we learn from the events of Palm Sunday? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 19 in “Palms.”


Last week, we saw that religion can’t connect us to God; only Jesus can do that. When we obey the rules and perform the rituals, too often we don’t do it perfectly, or for the right reasons. But what about people who don’t do it at all? What about people who break all the rules? What about bad people whose rule-breaking hurts other people? If God doesn’t want religion, what does he say about irreligion? The answer can be found in the story of Jesus’ encounter with a tax collector named Zacchaeus. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 19 in “Irreligion.”

Kingdom – Part 4 of Declarations

The Cross says that God took on himself the punishment for all the evil we do and the evil we get caught up in. That’s good news, but what is God’s plan for dealing with the evil itself? Is God ever going to do anything about the sources of human suffering and pain? Jesus says the answer is “Yes … but not yet.” Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 19 in “Kingdom,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Declarations.”

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