Commission – The Hope of Christmas, Part 2

Murillo's 'Annunciation'
Murillo | Wikimedia

When Gabriel told Mary that she would become pregnant with Jesus, God turned Mary’s whole life upside down. Her plans went flying … but we know how her story turned out. How about when it happens to us? What does it mean when we get new assignments from God? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 1:26–38 in “Commission – The Hope of Christmas, Part 2,” part 2 of his 4-part series “The Hope of Christmas.”


Dawn From On High — Promise Keeper, Part 4

Cold Day on the Dog Sledding Trail

Doug Brown
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Advent reminds us that God means what he says, whether it’s warning about coming judgment, or promising relief from hard circumstances. But what about when God is silent? Or was silent, when we longed to hear from him? What then? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 1:65–80 in “Dawn From On High,” the concluding message in his series “Promise Keeper.” Continue reading “Dawn From On High — Promise Keeper, Part 4”

Much Perplexed—Part 4 of “Who is Christmas For?”

The Annunciation
Henry Ossawa Tanner

We’ve seen that Christmas is for people in all kinds of situations. But sometimes the immediate crisis keeps us from appreciating the promise of Christmas. What can we hold onto when our life has been turned upside down? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 1:26–38 in “Much Perplexed,” the concluding message in his series “Who is Christmas For?

(Some questions for consideration are available here.)

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