Another Helper – Pentecost

Image: Chris Thornton | Pixabay

Jesus told his followers that when he left, he would send them another helper, and sure enough, the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. But what did Jesus mean by ‘helper?’ What does the Holy Spirit help people do, and how does he help us? Pastor Luke preaches from John 14:8–27 in “Another Helper.”

Diversity — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 4

Image: Michael Fußman/Pixabay

For many Christians, if they know anything from the book of Leviticus, it’s probably the commandment to love one’s neighbor, which Jesus said was just like the commandment to love God. But the following verse in Leviticus is generally ignored, and you might be violating it right now. Should you be? What if it’s the key to understanding how to love your neighbor? Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19:18–19 in “Diversity,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

First Among Equals – Gifted Service, Part 3

Who’s the best Christian? Have you ever compared yourself with someone at church and thought, “Shouldn’t I have more influence here than that person does?” Maybe you volunteer more, or contribute more, or you’ve been there longer, or whatever it might be. Is there a set of criteria we can use to establish a ranking of ourselves and other followers of Christ? Not to rank people as if Jesus loved them differently, but to determine who is the first among equals? When a small church in Corinth asked about that, Paul, their leader, said he would teach them a more excellent way. What is that way, and is it still available to us? Pastor Luke looks at 1 Corinthians 13 in “First Among Equals,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Gifted Service.”

A New Commandment

What is the Church? The night before he was crucified, Jesus told his disciples what they should do when he was gone. “Love one another,” he said, “and everyone will know you are my disciples.” What did he mean by that? How should we do it? Pastor Luke preaches from John 13 in “A New Commandment.”

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