The Golden Rule—In Conclusion…, Part 1

traditional depiction of Jesus teaching the Sermon on the Mount
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The “Golden Rule” is Jesus’ solution for the problem of what to do with people who might not always be agreeable. But more than that, Jesus teaches that it is how things work throughout God’s Kingdom. Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 7:7–12 in “The Golden Rule,” the first message in a new series “In Conclusion….”


Judging — Being Perfect, Part 5

Judge hammer
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Jesus taught his disciples not to judge, but not many outsiders would describe the church as a judgment-free zone. Shouldn’t the church stand out in this area? Jesus teaches his disciples why judging is a bad idea. Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 7:1–6 in “Judging,” the concluding message in his series “Being Perfect.” Continue reading “Judging — Being Perfect, Part 5”

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