Final Arrangements — Maundy Thursday

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With his last agonizing breaths, Jesus made arrangements for his mother, and from that moment, one of his disciples cared for her. How could he remember something like that in the middle of his agony? What does it teach us, who will die, but may never be crucified? Pastor Luke preaches from John 19:23–30 in “Final Arrangements.”


Water to Wine – Come and See, Part 2

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Anything can happen when Jesus comes to your party. It might keep going instead of breaking up early. Instead of being humiliated, people might be made to look generous. And we might learn something about how the world works – something amazing. Pastor Luke preaches from John 2:1–11 in “Water to Wine,” part 2 of his 6-part series “Come and See.”

Come and See, Part 1

John baptizing Jesus
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“What is it you want?” Jesus asked the first people to follow him. What are we looking for? Most of us are looking for something, or feel there’s something maybe we ought to be looking for. Jesus told those first followers they would find what they were seeking – and far more than that. All they needed to do was “come and see.” Pastor Luke teaches from John 1:29–51 in “There He Goes – Come and See, Part 1,” the first message in a new series “Come and See.”

The Audacious Chicken — Peter, Part 3

Rooster Crowing (for Peter)
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Peter was arrested and brought before the same ruling council that had asked the Romans to crucify Jesus. Peter showed extraordinary courage. He said he wasn’t going to stop telling people about Jesus. Are you like that when you talk about your faith? What made Peter so determined to tell people about Jesus? Pastor Luke preaches from Acts 3:1—4:20 in “The Audacious Chicken,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Peter.”

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