Truth Claims – Questions, Part 2

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Why do Christians think they have a monopoly on truth? If you’re a Christian, that question might make you wonder, but plenty of non-Christians are asking it today. A related question asks, Aren’t all religions basically the same? How are these questions related, and how can followers of Jesus answer them in way that’s helpful? Pastor Luke looks at John 1:14–18 in “Truth Claims,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Questions.”

The printed message notes referred to in the message can be found online.


Come and See, Part 1

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“What is it you want?” Jesus asked the first people to follow him. What are we looking for? Most of us are looking for something, or feel there’s something maybe we ought to be looking for. Jesus told those first followers they would find what they were seeking – and far more than that. All they needed to do was “come and see.” Pastor Luke teaches from John 1:29–51 in “There He Goes – Come and See, Part 1,” the first message in a new series “Come and See.”

The Enlightenment – An Advent Series

John begins his account of the life and work of Jesus with a poem. It’s beautiful … but what does he mean by it? And what does it mean for us today? For Advent, Pastor Luke looks at the beginning of John’s gospel. (The series begins on November 27, 2016 and runs for 4 messages.)

Follower – Part 1

“As I go through the twists and turns of life, it’s comforting to know that Jesus is right behind me.” That sounds very good, but it’s exactly backwards. People who trust Jesus are supposed to follow him. What does it look like to follow Christ? If you you look at Christians, you might imagine all sorts of things, but the picture in the Bible may surprise you. Pastor Luke looks at John 1 in “Follower,” the first message in a new series “Follower.”

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