What Child Is This? — Christmas, 2017

Adoration of the Shepherds, Honthorst 1622
Gerard van Honthorst | Wikimedia

Who is Jesus? That question has been asked by song-writers and by scientists, by artists and archaeologists. What would we see if we could see the real Jesus? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 2:1–20 in “What Child Is This?


Who Do You Say I Am? — Who Is That Guy? Part 2

the transfiguration
Transfiguration (Stained Glass)
Poland | Wikimedia Commons

When Jesus was transfigured, a voice spoke from heaven telling his disciples to listen to him. What did Jesus say that we need to listen to? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 9:18–36 in “Who Do You Say I Am?,” part 2 of his 3-part series “Who Is That Guy?

The Message of Christ — First Sunday of Christmas, 2015


Susan WD
CC by-sa | Flickr

When the boy Jesus astounded the teachers in the Temple, it wasn’t to show us what it would be like if God came to earth. It showed what it’s like when humanity is restored to God’s intention. It showed us what it’s like when we receive eternal life. What is stopping us from enjoying that kind of life ourselves? Pastor Luke preaches from Colossians 3:12–17 in “The Message of Christ.”

Ichthus: Part One

Funerary stele of early Christian woman depicting fish symbols discovered near Vatican necropolis early 3rd century CE
photo: Mary Harrsch
CC BY-NC-SA Flickr

Ι, the first letter in Ichthus (“I”), stands for the name of Jesus. What does it mean? And does it matter? After all, as Shakespeare wondered about the significance of names, “Would not a rose by any other name smell as sweet?” Does it matter what Jesus’ name was, and if so, why?

Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 4 in “Ichthus,” the first message in a new series “Ichthus.”

See Him In the Temple

There is only one story in the Bible about Jesus from the time of his birth to his baptism and the beginning of his public ministry. There are a lot of stories, just not in the Bible. The others are just made up and passed down. Why have Christians always been interested in Jesus’ childhood? And more importantly, if the Bible only has this one story about Jesus’ childhood, what should we learn from it? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 2 in “See Him In the Temple.”

Eternal Life – Part 2 of “Bread of Life”

Some of the things Jesus says make our head ache, because our expectations of the conversation don’t align well with his. We’d like Jesus to tell us how to have the kind of relationship with God that King David had, where we trust God and God blesses us. That can still happen, but Jesus has something bigger and better to talk about: eternal life. What does he mean by that? The answer might not be what you think! Pastor Luke looks at Jesus’ teaching on eternal life in “Eternal Life,” part 2 of his series of messages from John 6. Text: John 6:35,41-51.

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