Decently and in Order: Summer Blockbusters, Part 7

How a church conducts its worship is one of the first things people notice. The church with an organ is easy to distinguish from one with the praise band and light show. Is the service liturgical or free-form? Do people raise their hands when they sing? Depending on what appeals to us, worship style makes it easier to like or dislike a church. But what does the Bible say about worship? If we don’t like the worship in a church, how much can we change it? Once, when David had just become king of Israel, everyone was singing and praising God, and a man died—because he tried to touch the Ark of the Covenant. What can we learn about our worship from that story? Pastor Luke looks at all these questions in “Decently and In Order,” part seven of his “Summer Blockbusters” series of messages. Text: 2 Samuel 6:1-13.


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