Faith — Questions, Part 3

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Why is faith a virtue? Shouldn’t people wait for evidence? If God rewards belief, doesn’t that just make people gullible? What’s wrong with demanding proof? How should followers of Jesus respond to questions like these? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 15:11–32 NLT in “Faith,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Questions.”


God Has Heard – The Hope of Christmas, Part 1

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Christmas is the season of hope, but hope has gotten a bad reputation. What’s the point of hoping for something? Isn’t hope just a type of escapism? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 1:5–20 in “God Has Heard,” the first message in a new series “The Hope of Christmas.”

Real Help for Real Problems — Promise Keeper, Part 2

Prophets often delivered bad news that things would get worse. But depending on your circumstances–like, when things are really bad, and each day’s news seems worse than yesterday’s –a prophet has a harder job: to proclaim hope. Pastor Luke preaches from Isaiah 40:1–10 in “Real Help for Real Problems,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Promise Keeper.” Continue reading “Real Help for Real Problems — Promise Keeper, Part 2”

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