Breakthrough—Responses to the Messiah, Part 8

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By the middle of Matthew’s biography of him, Jesus had demonstrated authority over both the physical and metaphysical world: healing every type of disease, bringing back the dead, calming a storm. That makes it all the more interesting when Matthew reports Jesus saying there was one (and only one) thing that could not be done. What is that? Does it still matter today? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 12:22–32 in “Breakthrough,” part 8 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Capable People—The Road Out, Part 7

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God brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land. Freedom is certainly far better than slavery. But it is not always easy. Freedom includes the freedom to starve, but it also includes the freedom to make mistakes and destroy relationships. We don’t want to go back into slavery, but what can we do – what can God do – about the problems of freedom? Pastor Luke teaches from Exodus 18:13–27 in “Capable People,” the concluding message in his series “The Road Out.”

Never Skip Leg Day — Pentecost

Dove Descending (Holy Spirit) Stained Glass
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Before he ascended, Jesus gave his disciples the most important job in history. Jesus couldn’t finish it, and there’s no way we can do it ourselves. That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. What does he do? Pastor Luke teaches from 1 Corinthians 12:3–13 in “Never Skip Leg Day – Pentecost.”

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All the Lord’s People — Pentecost, 2016

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“It is to your advantage that I go away,” Jesus said, “for if I do not go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” At Pentecost, we celebrate how Jesus kept his promise and sent the Holy Spirit to be our Advocate. Why is that to our advantage? Pastor Luke looks at Numbers 11:16–17, 24–30 in “All the Lord’s People,” a special message for Pentecost. Continue reading “All the Lord’s People — Pentecost, 2016”

Jump Start – Pentecost

365.057 - The Mid-Day Jump-Start
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What can we do when we look at things that depress us? How can we find hope in trouble and ruin? The ancient prophet Ezekiel saw the conquest of Jerusalem and assumed it was the end of the nation. But God asked him if it could live again. Pastor Luke preaches from Ezekiel 37:1–14 in “Jump Start.”

Help in Weakness – Part 2 of The Best Chapter

In Romans 8, the Apostle Paul assures us that God has set us free from the power of sin, that we are no longer under its control. That’s fine. But what will we actually do? Too often, we continue to do things that are unwise, or even wrong. Is there help? What is the solution? For people facing this question, God offers an amazing deal. What is it? Pastor Luke teaches from Romans 8 in “Help in Weakness,” part 2 of his 3-part series “The Best Chapter.”

Poured Out

Pentecost is the birthday of the church, but “if this is a birthday, where are the presents?” The coming of the Holy Spirit was marked by an outpouring of spiritual gifts. What were those gifts, and how did the early church use them? How does the Holy Spirit work in the church today? Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 2 in “Poured Out.”

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