Is the ‘T’ for Turducken, or for Tofurkey?

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Despite what many people think, Christians aren’t supposed to be ascetics who deny themselves all kinds of pleasures. Indeed, Christians are expected to feast more often than we fast. So what does the Bible teach us about how to have a good feast? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Chronicles 30:1–23 in “Is the ‘T’ for Turducken, or for Tofurkey?


Dealing with Demoralizers — Daring Faith, Part 6

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A big reason we lack big faith is the demoralizers who surround us. Well meaning friends, family, and coworkers, who are concerned and only want us to see reason, chip away at our hope until finally we lack any hope at all. When that happens, we need a Hezekiah. Pastor Luke looks at Isaiah 36 in “Dealing with Demoralizers,” the concluding message in his series “Daring Faith.”

Study questions are available for download.


If God is all-knowing, God knows better than any of us what the rules ought to be. And if God is all-powerful, we should obey them. Except, sometimes, we shouldn’t. Sometimes, the Scriptures tell us about people who disobey the rules – people who, like Jesus, don’t perform the rituals in the prescribed way. People who hang out with the wrong kind of people. And yet God approves of them. How can that be? Is there a deeper rule behind all the others? What is it? And how can we put it into practice? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Chronicles 30 in “Feast.”

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