God Has Heard – The Hope of Christmas, Part 1

ice on a window pane
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Christmas is the season of hope, but hope has gotten a bad reputation. What’s the point of hoping for something? Isn’t hope just a type of escapism? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 1:5–20 in “God Has Heard,” the first message in a new series “The Hope of Christmas.”


Rethink the Past — Rethink, Part 4

Day 31 - Bricks (One month down!)
Nicholas Wilson
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All of us have questions about how to have a better future. And we may resent God not giving us the guidance we want, or be anxious that God will punish us for making the wrong decisions. If that describes you, maybe you should rethink the future.

Pastor Luke teaches from Numbers 13:25–14:9 in “Rethink the Future,” the concluding message in his series “Rethink.” Continue reading “Rethink the Past — Rethink, Part 4”

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