Unfruitful — Spiritual Agriculture, Part 2

Image: JuergenPM | Pixabay

Jesus cursed a fig tree, even though it wasn’t the season for figs. That seems unreasonable, but really, it was just unusual. Jesus did something unusual to underscore what he was saying about how people can avoid being unfruitful. Pastor Luke teaches from Mark 11:12–25 in “Unfruitful,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Spiritual Agriculture.”

Fruitful – Conclusion of Joseph the Patriarch

Joseph sold as a slave

When we study the life of great people like Joseph, it’s easy to shrug our shoulders and say, “They’re saints. I’m not like them.” It’s true. Joseph truly was a great man of faith, and maybe we’re not like him. He saved Egypt and Israel, and if that wasn’t enough, he was helpful and forgiving besides. But that’s not the best lesson about Joseph. The best lesson is the one that tells us what made Joseph that way, and why it can make us like that too. Pastor Luke teaches from Genesis 41 in “Fruitful,” the concluding message in his series “Joseph the Patriarch.”

Eden – Part I of Gardens

Everybody’s heard about the Adam and Eve and the snake and the apple and fig leaves, even people who aren’t Christians or Jews. But it’s a kind of a downer. What does that old story about the first man and woman teach us today? Is the garden of Eden just a grim reminder of human failing, or is there some good news in it? Pastor Luke teaches from Genesis 3 in “Eden,” the first message in a new series “Gardens.”

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