Faith — Questions, Part 3

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Why is faith a virtue? Shouldn’t people wait for evidence? If God rewards belief, doesn’t that just make people gullible? What’s wrong with demanding proof? How should followers of Jesus respond to questions like these? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 15:11–32 NLT in “Faith,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Questions.”


Trust – Long Live the Reformation, Part 4

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Jesus reconnects people to God as a gift. Our role is simply to trust that he has. But trusting is hard, and sometimes we try to turn trusting Jesus into an act on our part. How can we know if we’re trusting Jesus, or trying to trust ourselves? Pastor Luke teaches from Genesis 15:1–6 in “Trust,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Long Live the Reformation.”


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How can we get Jesus to help us with our problems? Assuming they’re good problems, is there some way to ensure that God will help us with them? Is there a certain spiritual discipline, or any other way, to be sure we can have God’s help? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 7:1–17 in “Levers.”

Liberator (Palm Sunday)

When Jesus came to Jerusalem, the crowds welcomed him as a political savior. Well-meaning people mixed faith with politics, and they got it all wrong. How, then, should our faith inform our politics – and what are the risks if we get it wrong? Pastor Luke looks at Mark 11:1–11 in “Liberator.”

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