Giver of Life – Pentecost

Ezekiel's vision of a valley of dry bones, Martin Johann Schmidt (1718-1801), ceiling of Stiftskirche im Stift Göttweig, Fresco
M.J.Schmidt | Wikimedia

Centuries before Christ, the prophet Ezekiel had a vision of a valley filled with dry bones that came to life. This uncanny vision is strangely reminiscent of the fascination with zombies we see in today’s popular culture. What did the vision mean, and what does it have to do us today, or with Pentecost? Join us Sunday as Pastor Luke brings a message from Ezekiel 37 about the “Giver of Life.”


Real Help for Real Problems — Promise Keeper, Part 2

Prophets often delivered bad news that things would get worse. But depending on your circumstances–like, when things are really bad, and each day’s news seems worse than yesterday’s –a prophet has a harder job: to proclaim hope. Pastor Luke preaches from Isaiah 40:1–10 in “Real Help for Real Problems,” part 2 of his 4-part series “Promise Keeper.” Continue reading “Real Help for Real Problems — Promise Keeper, Part 2”

Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7

Lost Luggage
Jordon Cooper “Lost Luggage”
BY-NC-SA | Flickr

Israel lost the Ark when they were conquered by Babylon. It has never been recovered, in twenty-six centuries. Why not? If it was so important for Israel to have the Ark in the first place, why has God allowed it to be lost? Why does God sometimes allow us to lose what is dear to us? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Kings 25:8–17 in “Lost and Found,” the concluding message in his series “The Saga of the Lost Ark.” Continue reading “Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7”

Ransom Captive Israel – Part 2 of “O Come, Emmanuel”

The song “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” asks Emmanuel, who we learned about last week, to come and “ransom captive Israel.” Who is captive Israel, and why does he (or they?) need to be ransomed? The song goes on to say that Israel “mourns in lonely exile” here. Why is Israel mourning, and what does all this have to do with Christmas, anyway? Pastor Luke teaches from Isaiah 35 in “Ransom Captive Israel,” part 2 of his 4-part series “O Come, Emmanuel.”

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