Economic Inequality — Counter-Culture, Part 3

Photo: Solomon Rodgers / Pixabay

We conclude our conversation about Christians and Society, with a lesson about economic inequality. How can Christians show God’s love in a society where some are so rich, and others so poor? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 16:19–31 in “Economic Inequality,” the concluding message in his series “Counter Culture.”

Resurrection — Easter Sunday, 2020

If Jesus rose from the dead, then someday we can go to heaven, too. Right? Is that the message of Easter Sunday? If so, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? What if we don’t die right away? Does Easter have anything to say about what happens to people on this side of heaven? What does it say about things like pandemic disease and economic ruin? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 28:1–10 in “Resurrection.”

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