Come and See, Part 1

John baptizing Jesus
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“What is it you want?” Jesus asked the first people to follow him. What are we looking for? Most of us are looking for something, or feel there’s something maybe we ought to be looking for. Jesus told those first followers they would find what they were seeking – and far more than that. All they needed to do was “come and see.” Pastor Luke teaches from John 1:29–51 in “There He Goes – Come and See, Part 1,” the first message in a new series “Come and See.”


The Cost of Discipleship (Fall Kickoff)

Like most churches, JLP launches its fall program year with a kick-off Sunday. We invite people to join a small group and find a place to serve in the church and, with the church, in the community. That’s great, but Jesus tells his disciples to do something else first. Why? What is it? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 14:15–34 in “The Cost of Discipleship.”

Deep Water — Good News, Part 3

wooden boat in deep water
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What does God want from you? Do you need to do something in order to get God off your back, or on your side? The New Testament tells about a time when someone was minding their own business, and Jesus asked them to do something. What did Jesus want from him? And does it fit a pattern that shows what God wants from us?” Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 5:1–11 in “Deep Water,” the concluding message in his series “Good News.”

Fitness — Signs of Life, Part 4

Weights [5/52]

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Membership in a church is different from membership in a health club. But they are similar in one way: people go to them because they want to make some changes in their life. Health clubs use treadmills, weights, universal machines, and so forth. What are the tools are available to help people develop as Christians? Pastor Luke teaches from Colossians 3:1–17 in “Fitness,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Signs of Life.” Continue reading “Fitness — Signs of Life, Part 4”

Becoming, Not Being — Signs of Life, Part 3

Lather up
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People who join a church become members. Sometimes, churches can be more concerned about what the members bring to the church than what the church can do to help its members. To prevent that error, churches need to be intentional about making disciples. Pastor Luke teaches from Colossians 3:1–17 in “Becoming, Not Being,” part 3 of his 6-part series “Signs of Life.” Continue reading “Becoming, Not Being — Signs of Life, Part 3”

Sticker Shock — Discipleship, Part 6

1965 Ford Mustang Price Sticker
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People often become disciples of Jesus from desperation, and Jesus is okay with that. But he invites people who aren’t desperate to become disciples too. Do we bring our troubles to Jesus, but forget to bring the parts of our lives that are working pretty well? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 9:51–62 in “Sticker Shock,” the concluding message in his series “Discipleship.”

Questions for Consideration

OPEN. 1. When have you delayed making a decision when you needed to? Why did you delay? What finally caused you to act? Did the delay matter? Continue reading “Sticker Shock — Discipleship, Part 6”

Bread of Life — “Discipleship,” Part 4

Day of Atonement
Joshua Bousel
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As long as Jesus has had followers, people have wondered whether to quit. One of the first to wrestle with that decision was Peter. He came up with a question that clarifies all kinds of decisions in every walk of life. But it’s especially useful for people who are trying to decide whether to quit following Jesus. Pastor Luke teaches from John 6:51–69 in “Bread of Life,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Discipleship.”

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