Final Arrangements — Maundy Thursday

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With his last agonizing breaths, Jesus made arrangements for his mother, and from that moment, one of his disciples cared for her. How could he remember something like that in the middle of his agony? What does it teach us, who will die, but may never be crucified? Pastor Luke preaches from John 19:23–30 in “Final Arrangements.”


Do You See What I See? — The Hope of Christmas, Part 4

Annunciation to the Shepherds, Gaddi c. 1330
Taddeo Gaddi | Wikimedia

Advent is a season of preparation. We’ve seen how helpful it is to have hope, and purpose, and motivation. But the story of the shepherds shows us one final thing to help us order our lives: the magic word “Let’s.” Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 2:1–20 in “Do You See What I See? – The Hope of Christmas, Part 4,” the concluding message in his series “The Hope of Christmas.”

Outsiders – Part 3 of “Who is Christmas For?”

So much of what we enjoy at Christmas is friends and family. We enjoy those relationships and being part of a group. But groups have insides and outsides, and it’s not fun to be outside. Is Christmas like that? Is it for the insiders only, or is Christmas for outsiders too? Pastor Luke preaches from Ruth 4:1–10 in “Outsiders,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Who is Christmas For?

Pastor Luke’s Questions for Consideration are available online.

The article Pastor Luke mentioned was “Your Co-Worker Could Be a Space-Alien.”

A New Commandment

What is the Church? The night before he was crucified, Jesus told his disciples what they should do when he was gone. “Love one another,” he said, “and everyone will know you are my disciples.” What did he mean by that? How should we do it? Pastor Luke preaches from John 13 in “A New Commandment.”

Community – Part 6 of Declarations

What is the church for? Why did Jesus establish the church? Why shouldn’t Christians just pray and praise God and do the other things they do as individuals? Why do we join with other Christians in community? The Book of Acts describes several occasions when the early church wrestled with what it meant to be in relation with other Christians. What can we learn from them? Pastor Luke preaches from Acts 6 in “Community,” the concluding message in his series “Declarations.”

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