What Child Is This? — Christmas, 2017

Adoration of the Shepherds, Honthorst 1622
Gerard van Honthorst | Wikimedia

Who is Jesus? That question has been asked by song-writers and by scientists, by artists and archaeologists. What would we see if we could see the real Jesus? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 2:1–20 in “What Child Is This?


Emmanuel — Christmas Eve, 2016

Visitation of the Shepherds (15c. Book of Hours)
Christmas scene
e-codices | Flickr

In 2016 we had troubles at home and abroad. There was war and chaos, violence, terror – and an election that nobody expected. But every year is like that. Some are better than others, but every year comes with its share of troubles. One night two thousand years ago, shepherds were the first to hear what God was doing about it. Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 2:1–20 in “Emmanuel.”

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