Rethink Rejoicing — Rethink Some More, Part 1

the transfiguration
Lone Tree Colorado
Averie Woodard |

Does the Church exhibit God’s kingdom? Jesus taught that the proper, even the necessary, response to God’s grace was celebration. But is that a true picture of Christians? Is that the way the world would describe the Church of Jesus Christ?

Pastor Luke looks at Luke 15 in “Rethink Rejoicing,” the first message in a new series “Rethink Some More.” (The previous “Rethink” series is also available online.)


R.S.V.P. — “Discipleship,” Part 3

011 Spreading Our Roots
Remember Nhu
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One practice can limit our growth as disciples, and also limit our effectiveness in disciple-making: the practice of celebration. Christians sometimes fail to communicate the good news of grace in Jesus Christ because they don’t act like it really is good news. The story of one of Jesus’ disciples illustrates how Jesus wants us to benefit from celebration. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 5:27-38 in “R.S.V.P.,” part 3 of his 6-part series, “Discipleship.” Continue reading “R.S.V.P. — “Discipleship,” Part 3”

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