Righteous — Romans, Part 3

Image: Ekatarina Bolovtsova / Pexels

People can be distinguished according to race, politics, age, sex, and countless other factors. Sometimes these harden into divisions, and that seems to be taking place increasingly today. Is it possible for people to get along? Should we even try? Why? In the first century, the Apostle Paul said we can and we should. Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 3:21–30 in “Righteous,” part 3 of his 4-part series “Romans.”

This Changes Everything: Part 1 — Easter


The first Christians struggled to carry out the mission that Jesus the church. We still find it difficult today, for the same reason: because it requires us to cross boundaries. Sometimes, however, we are able to succeed … because the Resurrection changes everything. Pastor Luke looks at Acts 10:34–43 in “This Changes Everything (Part 1),” the first message in a new series for Easter.

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