Nick at Night — Come and See, Part 4

windmill seen from its base
Schwoaze | CC-0 via Pixabay

John 3:16 has been called the entire Gospel in summary form. It answers any number of theological questions about God and Jesus. But it’s not a bumper sticker. It’s something Jesus said to a man named Nicodemus. Why was this message especially relevant to him? What about Nicodemus makes the message so relevant to us today? Pastor Luke looks at John 3:1–21 in “Nick at Night,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Come and See.”


After Infancy, What?

What is the purpose of the church? Why is there a church, anyway? For that matter, isn’t Christianity just about the relationship between a believer and Jesus? Not according to the apostle Peter, and Peter spent more time with Jesus than probably anybody except Jesus’ mother. Then what is the church about? Pastor Luke preaches from 1 Peter 1–2 in “After Infancy, What?,” the first message in a new series “House of God.”

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