Seeing What Matters — Come and See, Part 6

eyeglasses seen at arms length
Josh Calabrese | PD via Unsplash

Do miracles happen? Did they ever happen? People reading the Bible sometimes wonder about the miracle stories. How can we take miracles seriously, and what will we learn from them if we do? Pastor Luke looks at John 9 in “Seeing What Matters,” the concluding message in his series “Come and See.”


Now I See – Part 5 of “Notorious”

Jesus gave sight to the blind and made the mute speak, and not only as a kindness to the blind and mute people he helped. Part of the reason Jesus performed miracles during his earthly ministry was to teach us about God – and especially, to show how he continues to miracles today by the power of his Spirit. What kind of miracles are those? How can we see them? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 9 in “Now I See,” part 5 of his 6-part series “Notorious.”

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