Litmus Test — One Hit Wonders, Part 2

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We want to be truthful and loving, but doing both can be difficult. Is there some way to reliably be both loving and truthful? Or when truth and love are in conflict, is there a rule we can use to know which side to pick? Pastor Luke looks at 2 John in “Litmus Test,” part 2 of his 5-part series “One Hit Wonders.”

The accompanying message notes can be downloaded from here.


What Goes Around… — One Hit Wonders, Part 1

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Despite its brevity, the book of Obadiah can seem obscure. It depends on the readers’ cultural, historical, and geographical knowledge. But the message God speaks through Obadiah is short and simple: what you sow, you will reap. Pastor Luke teaches from Obadiah in “What Goes Around…,” the first message in a new series “One Hit Wonders.”

The accompanying message notes can be downloaded from here.

Ask Me Anything

In the inaugural edition of “Ask Me Anything” (formerly “Extreme Preaching”) we covered these topics:

  • (0:53) How should Christians think about evil people like Hitler or Stalin?
  • (8:54) Jesus’ teaching in Luke 9:59-62 seems harsh. Why?
  • (15:18) What does Psalm 18:2 mean about taking refuge in the Lord?
  • (22:15) How can ‘refuge’ encompass the idea of God’s provision?
  • (23:53) Is it really a sin to be angry? How can we avoid it?

Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 5:43–48 in “Ask Me Anything.”

Purity Code — This Changes Everything, Part 5

Travis Saylor | Pexels

Humans have the ability to be disgusted, and can even transmit their disgust to others around them. How much does that overlap with religion – for example, in purity laws and speech codes? If disgust is related to religion, what does disgust say about God? After God called him to visit a Gentile’s home, the Apostle Peter needed answers to these questions. Pastor Luke looks at Acts 11:1–18 in “Purity Code,” part 5 of his 6-part series “This Change Everything.”

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