The Old Normal—Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 2

Image: Georg Wietschorke / Pixabay

What is a “Jubilee?” It’s one of those church words that crept out into the language … but just barely. Is it a good thing? We’re looking at the Book of Leviticus, hoping that we can find wisdom there will help us navigate our confusing times. Is the Jubilee an example of Iron-Age wisdom? Pastor Luke teaches from Leviticus 25:1–13 in “The Old Normal,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Iron-Age Wisdom.”

In the Storm — Do Not Be Afraid, Part 4

Image: Markus Trier / Pixabay

God commands his children to be unafraid of things like Covid-19 and even death. In Christ, we are enabled to live without fear. But our fears keep coming back to torment us. What should we do to live fearlessly? Pastor Luke teaches from John 13:34–34 in “In the Storm,” the conclusion of his 4-part series “Do Not Be Afraid.”

Breakthrough—Responses to the Messiah, Part 8

Image: jlpenio / Pixabay

By the middle of Matthew’s biography of him, Jesus had demonstrated authority over both the physical and metaphysical world: healing every type of disease, bringing back the dead, calming a storm. That makes it all the more interesting when Matthew reports Jesus saying there was one (and only one) thing that could not be done. What is that? Does it still matter today? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 12:22–32 in “Breakthrough,” part 8 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

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