Muscle Memory — The Road Out, Part 4

Exodus 12 describes an unimaginable catastrophe. How can we make sense of it? What does it tell us about God? What does it say about how God relates to us? Pastor Luke preaches from Exodus 12:1–32 in “Muscle Memory,” part 4 of his 6-part series “The Road Out.”

Bricks Without Straw — The Road Out, Part 3

What happens when God’s mercy toward one person means that other people will suffer? How can that be right? How can it even make sense? Pastor Luke looks at Exodus 4:21; 5:1-20 in “Bricks Without Straw,” part 3 of his 6-part series “The Road Out.”

The Road Out — Part 1

Have you ever wanted to get out of a bad place but didn’t know when or if you’d be able to leave? We’re starting a new series of messages about the time when God’s people found the Road Out … the road out of Egypt. Pastor Luke preaches from Exodus 2:23–3:10 in “The Road Out,” the first message… Continue Reading →

King — Roadmap, Part 3

malst | Pixabay God has covenanted to restore creation to its original goodness. How would you answer, if God asked you for advice about how to proceed? What would be your first step? What kind of supernatural assistance would you need? Pastor Luke teaches from John 19: 12–22 NLT in “King,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Roadmap.”

Emmanuel — Christmas Eve, 2016

Christmas scenee-codices | Flickr In 2016 we had troubles at home and abroad. There was war and chaos, violence, terror – and an election that nobody expected. But every year is like that. Some are better than others, but every year comes with its share of troubles. One night two thousand years ago, shepherds were the first… Continue Reading →

Becoming, Not Being — Signs of Life, Part 3

sm. caruso | Flickr People who join a church become members. Sometimes, churches can be more concerned about what the members bring to the church than what the church can do to help its members. To prevent that error, churches need to be intentional about making disciples. Pastor Luke teaches from Colossians 3:1–17 in “Becoming,… Continue Reading →

Jump Right In — Now What?, Part 3

Anton Muhajir | Flickr Growth is when people participate in the life of a church. But a lot of people aren’t likely to do that, and often, they have good reasons not to. What does the church do then? The same thing Jesus did for the world. Pastor Luke looks at Acts 8:4–8, 26–39 in… Continue Reading →

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