Leveling Up — The Coming Light, Part 3

Jesus said the Day of the Lord isn’t something to fear, but rather, it means our salvation is coming. But whose salvation did he mean? Does the Day of the Lord mean that salvation for everyone? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 3:1–6 in “Leveling Up,” part 3 of his 5-part series “The Coming Light.” Advertisements

The Coming Light — The Coming Light, Part 2

“Can things get any worse?” is a dangerous question, because sometimes we find out exactly how they can. But Jesus invites his disciples to consider this question, so he can teach them what happens when things are as bad as they can possibly be. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 21:25–36 NLT in “The Coming Light,” part 2 of his… Continue Reading →

Becoming, Not Being — Signs of Life, Part 3

sm. caruso | Flickr People who join a church become members. Sometimes, churches can be more concerned about what the members bring to the church than what the church can do to help its members. To prevent that error, churches need to be intentional about making disciples. Pastor Luke teaches from Colossians 3:1–17 in “Becoming,… Continue Reading →

Judging — Being Perfect, Part 5

ssalonsoCC by-nc-sa | Flickr Jesus taught his disciples not to judge, but not many outsiders would describe the church as a judgment-free zone. Shouldn’t the church stand out in this area? Jesus teaches his disciples why judging is a bad idea. Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 7:1–6 in “Judging,” the concluding message in his series… Continue Reading →

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