Lighting Up the Sky — Stories for the Journey, Part 8

Jesus taught about the end times and the events that will take place before the age to come. What he taught can be mysterious or even distressing. But it can also inspire us with great hope. Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 17:20–37 in “Lighting Up the Sky,” ” the concluding message in his series “Stories for… Continue Reading →

THX  — Stories for the Journey, Part 7

People benefit in a number of ways from practicing gratitude. Sometimes we don’t know who to thank, however, or how. We might not even be sure if the circumstances are just the natural course of events. But Jesus has a lot to teach us about how we can practice gratitude. Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 17:11–19 in “THX,”… Continue Reading →

Guest List — Stories for the Journey, Part 2

If you’ve been in situations where you weren’t sure you were welcome, you might have wondered the same thing about God’s kingdom. Are you really welcome in it? What happens if you decline the invitation? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 14:15–24 in “Guest List,” part 2 of his 10-part series “Stories for the Journey.”

Table Manners — Stories for the Journey, Part 1

Many people have felt awkward or out of place in certain social settings. Jesus uses some principles about how we behave, (or might behave) at those times, to teach about God’s Kingdom. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 14:1–14 in “Table Manners,” the first message in a new series “Stories for the Journey.”

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