Hope and Glory — Romans, Part 13

How can we have hope? Hope is good – modern science agrees with Christianity about that. But how can we have it? Pastor Luke looks at Romans 15:1–13 in “Hope and Glory,” the concluding message in his series “Romans.”

Constructive — Romans, Part 12

Sometimes, people do things that annoy us. Other times, it’s more serious than just being annoyed. Is it possible to get along with people we disagree with? Even for Christians? If so, how? Pastor Luke looks at Romans 14:1,13–23 in “Constructive,” part 12 of his 13-part series “Romans.”

First Light — Romans, Part 11

In Christ, God has made it possible for us to spend eternity with him. Should we? What if we get there and don’t like it? The Apostle Paul says that we can try it out now to find out. Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 13:8–14 in “First Light,” part 11 of his 14-part series “Romans.”

Transformed — Romans, Part 10

The bulk of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome describes how it is that people are brought from death to life, spiritually. How should people live if they are now truly alive? Pastor Luke looks at Romans 12:1–8 in “Transformed,” part 10 of his 11-part series “Romans.”

Kindness and Severity — Romans, Part 9

In Paul’s letter to the Roman church, there is a section directed specifically at people who aren’t Jewish – people like most Christians in churches today. He says that they were grafted into a different tree. What does he mean by that? Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 11:17–24 in “Kindness and Severity,” part 9 of his 11-part series… Continue Reading →

Spirit Led — Romans, Part 7

Jesus gives us new birth by his Spirit, making us new creatures. But who, Paul asks, will deliver us from the old body of sin? Paul says the answer is the Spirit, who Jesus sent to help us. How does that work? What does it look like? Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 8:9–17 in “Spirit Led,” part 7… Continue Reading →

Miserable — Romans, Part 6

If Jesus has set us free from sin, why do we still sin? What is it that makes sin feel so irresistible sometimes? Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 7:14–25 in “Miserable,” part 6 of his 11-part series “Romans.”

Sin City — Romans, Part 5

Is the Grace of God a “Get Out of Jail Free” card? Is the gospel a blank check for sinning? The New Testament says that Christ died for everyone who has faith in him. Does that mean we can sin as much as we want to? Pastor Luke preaches from Romans 6:1–14 in “Sin City,” the concluding message… Continue Reading →

Character Building — Romans, Part 4

Because we have peace with God through Christ, we might expect our lives to be smooth sailing. And when they aren’t, we might wonder if we really do have peace with God. The Apostle Paul, however, said that problems help us develop our character, so we can endure and even boast about our problems. Pastor… Continue Reading →

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