New Creation — Roadmap, Part 5

Raphaël Biscaldi | Unsplash New Creation is the idea that God will eventually restore Creation to achieve his original purpose for it. But when? For some people, “eventually” seems like it’s too soon, but for others it can’t come soon enough. So when will these things take place? Pastor Luke looks at Revelation 21:9–27 NLT in “New Covenant – Roadmap, Part… Continue Reading →

New Covenant – Roadmap, Part 4

rawpixel | Pixabay We’ve seen how Jesus makes his Kingdom available to his followers. But do we qualify? What are the rules to get in, and to stay in? What, in other words, is the basis for relationships with Jesus? Pastor Luke teaches from Hebrews 8: 6–13 NLT in “New Covenant,” part 4 of his 5-part series “Roadmap.”

King — Roadmap, Part 3

malst | Pixabay God has covenanted to restore creation to its original goodness. How would you answer, if God asked you for advice about how to proceed? What would be your first step? What kind of supernatural assistance would you need? Pastor Luke teaches from John 19: 12–22 NLT in “King,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Roadmap.”

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