Resurrection (Part 1)

Christians believe that the coming age will lack sickness, poverty, violence, death and everything else that makes the current age so hard. But is this just wishful thinking? That’s the question a group of Bible scholars asked Jesus. Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 20:27–38 in “Resurrection,” part one of a new series of that name.

This Changes Everything: Part 1 — Easter

The first Christians struggled to carry out the mission that Jesus the church. We still find it difficult today, for the same reason: because it requires us to cross boundaries. Sometimes, however, we are able to succeed … because the Resurrection changes everything. Pastor Luke looks at Acts 10:34–43 in “This Changes Everything (Part 1),” the first message in… Continue Reading →

April Fool’s Easter

dimitrisvetsikas1969 | Pixabay April Fool’s Day is a natural fit for Easter. The breathless report of the women seems like the setup for an April Fool’s prank. The joke would have been on the disciples, if Jesus hadn’t been raised from the dead. But what if Christians are right, and Jesus did rise? What then? Pastor Luke… Continue Reading →

Save Yourselves! — Peter, Part 2

Logan Broemer | Unsplash Peter shows what it’s like when someone begins to live the new life available since Jesus overcame Death. Jesus forgave Peter and restored him to fellowship. Peter’s first message was to people terrified about the wrath of God. What difference does the resurrection make when you’re dealing with people who made terrible mistakes?… Continue Reading →

Are We Good? — Part 1 of Peter

M. Jones In his Resurrection, Jesus destroyed Death’s power and reconnected us to God. It can be hard to imagine what that looks like, but the New Testament gives us examples to study, like Peter, whose failures and successes were so great. What happens to a great sinner who follows Christ: does he receive a… Continue Reading →

Nonsense, … However — Easter Sunday

TomMarc | Pixabay Although Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection, is at the heart of Christianity, it is widely misunderstood … by Christians as well as others. Many people think that by rising from the dead, Jesus proved we can go to heaven when we die. But the reality is far, far greater than that. Pastor Luke… Continue Reading →

In an Age of Terror, Hope

Chris Ford | Flickr We live in an age of Terror. 9/11 wasn’t an isolated event. There could be another horrific act like it tomorrow. If it does, people of faith will have two questions: first, does God care about our suffering? —and, second Is there someplace we can we find the strength to carry… Continue Reading →

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